Emeril Air Fryer Recipes (Plus We've Got The Scoop On His Cookbook) (2024)

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For everyone looking for Emeril air fryer recipes, here’s exactly what’s available — plus an explanation about his cookbook to clear up the confusion.

Emeril Air Fryer Recipes (Plus We've Got The Scoop On His Cookbook) (1)

Air fryers do a great job on basics like French fries, but that’s just the beginning. Are you ready to discover what else these amazing little machines will do? Good!


You’ll find lots of help on this site (just click on “Air Fryer Recipes” in the menu above), and this particular page was created because so many of you are searching for air fryer recipes by Emeril.

The only bad news is that Mr. Lagasse has not published a tremendous number of recipes. However, those that he does give us are so good you will not be disappointed. They’re delicious and unique, and you don’t have to be a trained chef to cook them. Read on to see for yourself!

Table of Contents

  • Emeril Air Fryer Cookbook?
  • Finally, Emeril Has Also Written an Air Fryer Cookbook
  • Emeril Lagasse Air Fryer Recipes
  • 25 More Air Fryer Recipes by Emeril

Emeril Air Fryer Cookbook?

There has been much confusion about one of Emeril Lagasse’s cookbooks. The title is “Emeril’s Cooking with Power“, and this is not an air fryer cookbook. As clearly stated in the book’s subtitle, these recipes were developed for cooking in a slow cooker, multi cooker, pressure cooker, and deep fryer. That’s it – no air fryer recipes.

If you’re familiar with air fryers you know that deep fryer recipes don’t always work. For example, you can’t use any kind of wet, drippy batter. To get that type of coating in an air fryer, you have to take a different approach, and recipes can be drastically different from what you’d use for deep frying.


Of course, if you love Emeril’s creations and you have a slow cooker, Instant Pot, or deep fryer, you’ll certainly want to check out this cookbook. You can see it on Amazon here: Emeril’s Cooking with Power: 100 Delicious Recipes Starring Your Slow Cooker, Multi Cooker, Pressure Cooker, and Deep Fryer

Emeril Air Fryer Recipes (Plus We've Got The Scoop On His Cookbook) (2)

Finally, Emeril Has Also Written an Air Fryer Cookbook

It is available in hard cover and features full page color photos. Otherwise there is very little information about the book as to page count, number of recipes or types of dishes. Unfortunately it doesn’t even have the “look inside” feature on Amazon.

Emeril Lagasse Everyday Recipes for the Power AirFryer 360

IMPORTANT: This cookbook was written specifically for the Power Airfryer 360, which is not an air fryer but a multi-function oven. That means that only some of the recipes in this cookbook are for air frying. Some recipes will use the oven’s other functions such as baking, roasting, slow cooking, and dehydrating.


Emeril Lagasse Air Fryer Recipes

Now, on to the recipes that you can find online for free! This first set is small but definitely worth a look. It’s in a PDF file (link is below) and includes the following:

  • Banana Bread
  • Chicken Wings with Lemon, Honey & Black Pepper Drizzle
  • Mac & Cheese
  • Salmon with Tomato Pansause
  • Filet Mignon with Blue Cheese Crust

Each of those recipes includes a full color photo and step-by-step instructions. All 5 dishes use common ingredients and are easy to make.

Even the blue cheese crusted filets don’t sound complicated because the meat is not completely encased. His method is to partially cook the meat, add the crust on top only, and then finish cooking. Besides being delicious, what an impressive dish to serve!

Click here to see the PDF file with these Emeril Air Fryer Recipes.

25 More Air Fryer Recipes by Emeril

The largest recipe collection from Emeril is on his website. At this writing there are a total of 25, and the only downside is that they’re in a slideshow so you have to scroll through one at a time. To see them all, click here to go to the Emerils.com website.

If you hate flipping through slideshows as much as I do, check out my 10 favorites below. You can click on any recipe to go straight to the page with the ingredients, directions, and photo of that particular dish.

All of the recipes in the “favorites” list were developed by Emeril for his 5.3 quart air fryer. You don’t need his brand name air fryer for these recipes to work, but you do need to pay attention to size. If your air fryer is smaller, you may have to cook in batches or make other minor adjustments.

Also note that several of his recipes require use of an air fryer pan for baking. If you don’t already own one, it’s a small investment that you will not regret!


Like those 5 recipes in that PDF file, all of the above dishes use common ingredients and are reasonably simple to prepare. It’s Emeril’s talent for choosing the perfect combinations that make them delicious and extra special.

To date these are the only Emeril air fryer recipes available – and that’s too bad because reading through these will make you wish that he would write his own air fryer cookbook!

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Emeril Air Fryer Recipes (Plus We've Got The Scoop On His Cookbook) (3)


Emeril Air Fryer Recipes (Plus We've Got The Scoop On His Cookbook) (2024)


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